The GOP is working to defund Planned Parenthood (it’s about damn time). As you can imagine, the Left and abortion sympathizers lost their shiznit over the notion that they might have to start paying for their own abortions – lots of screeching and frothing.

Instead of admitting THAT though, they pretend instead that Republicans are trying to stop birth control, which is stupid.

If Planned Parenthood wants to keep providing birth control and “care,” all they have to do is stop killing the unborn. Pretty simple but OH NO.

MEN! Because it’s all about cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood. Sure.

False outrage is false.

And of course Wil Wheaton is front and center when it comes to false outrage.

First of all, monies for birth control are covered via Medicaid already so the joke is based on a bad premise.

Hey Wil, see Obamacare.

And we get it, he’s saying taxpayers don’t cover abortion, because he doesn’t understand the funding stream for Planned Parenthood and the term fungible, like most morons who support the baby butchers.

Condoms are handed out like candy on college campuses and are often free via public health. His joke is just silly.

Nope. But Planned Parenthood and other pro-aborts need to pretend this is about birth control, and not killing babies. Otherwise they would have to admit they want the funds for abortion, and that would (hopefully) be the end of them.

So was Wil mansplaining? Microaggressing?