Earlier we reported that Shaun King was far more worried about a supposed “white supremacist hashtag” than he was about the actual crime that was committed against a young man with a disability.

He also mentioned he would address the situation in Chicago later … and he did.

He won’t be fighting for justice for the young man with a disability because of his skin color.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but doesn’t that make him a racist?

From his crap article:

Justice is always swift and easy when black folk mess up, but you know who’s not in jail right now? George Zimmerman.

You know who’s not in jail right now? The officers who fired 41 shots at and killed Amadou Diallo on the doorstep of his Bronx home.

Black folk? So basically Shaun is justifying this behavior because of cops?! Seriously?

More from the article:

So no, I won’t be writing angry tweets about what these folk did in Chicago. They are already in jail. They will be punished, I am sure, to the fullest extent of the law, but I’ve written about case after case after case of drug offenses and incidents of sexual assault and even murders committed by white folk where the system gave them a helping hand.

They will be punished, that’s cute. It’s Chicago, Shaun.

His fan base wasn’t exactly thrilled with his response …