Oh Rosie.

Rosie O’Donnell’s timeline reads a lot like an obsessed, angry ex-girlfriend; constant complaining and drama over some guy. Of course the guy in question is Donald Trump and he was just elected president, but her gripes and concerns seem really personal.

It’s a little creepy if you look at the whole timeline. #Obsessed

Tweeting Slate? C’mon Rosie, that’s weak even for you.

LOOK OUT SHE’S GONE FULL CAPS LOCK. We’re not entirely sure who she is referring to here, it’s a little bit like a crazy old person yelling at the tv but she did it on Twitter? We could assume she is referring to herself but that would be a third person thing and sorta crazy.

Hrm. Never mind.

Ummm we already elected him, Rosie.

Yes. After Obama, a bologna sandwich would be an improvement so simmer down.

MORE CAPS LOCK. Look out Donald!

Note, we tried to find Gary to see who the person was that Rosie ‘yelled at’ here, and his account doesn’t exist. So either she is a lunatic or attacked him so badly that he deactivated.

Stolen election. *eye roll*

Angelica isn’t wrong, Rosie really does need to get over it. And yes, people do get over broken bones and sad childhoods, a cold … it’s not uncommon for people to get over any of those things.

Including an election.

Grow up, Rosie.