Yes, that’s a real picture of Rachel Maddow shaking Kellyanne Conway’s hand. We kid you not.

Apparently Maddow invited Kellyanne to come on her show, and like the badass Conway is, she accepted. Clearly this shocked and almost humbled Maddow that a ‘top Republican’ would come on her show … watch.

A thank you? REALLY?! We had to look for that blue checkmark several times to make sure this was real. Maddow, being decent to a REPUBLICAN?! Has the world gone mad?! And sure, the interview was bumpy and definitely not friendly but it was classic Conway taking on a fairly predictable Maddow.

After she posted the photo and thank you, Maddow took some heat for being human to Kellyanne on Twitter – go figure.

*eye roll*

Awww the peaceful, tolerant Left, always calling for people to go for the jugular.

Stay classy.