And we thought Michael Moore was a giant drama queen – man, Paul Krugman is definitely giving him a run for his money.

Since Trump won the election it would appear Krugman has gone from merely annoying to nuclear whiny. Perhaps we should check and see if he is hiding (with his cats) because he thinks the sky is falling?

From his timeline this morning:

When people who aren’t Trump fans are telling you to let it go?

Yeah, come on man.

Plus, if the government (aka “institutions”) really wants to help, it will get out of the way; when will the Left figure this out?

Ok, anyone else think it’s funny when a Leftist whines about populism when it has been their bread and butter for the at least the last eight years?

And PLEASE change the record on racism, we’ve heard it and heard it and heard it – in fact we’ve heard it so much no one really takes it seriously anymore, except the choir he’s preaching to.

Wowza, look at it tank during a certain other president’s administration … a certain president who just so happens to be a DEMOCRAT.

Ha! And that’s the truth.

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