Uh-oh, Bill “Bubba” Clinton has come out swinging against Trump; apparently the ex-president blames ‘angry white men’ for Hillary’s loss.

So it was only white men who were angry about the disaster Democrats have made of this country over the last eight years.

Sure, sounds legit … and sexist and racist.

Hey, if Bubba wants to play that “card” we can play it all day long.

Oh, and he blamed James Comey as well but since he’s a white guy we just decided to lump him in with the others.

It’s as if Bill doesn’t understand who his wife is and what she said and did during the campaign.

If any one person lost her the election, it’s Hillary.

Of course Bill didn’t help things when he met with Loretta Lynch on a private plane to “talk about their grandchildren” but hey, what do we know.

Aaaaaaand curtain.

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