Kellyanne Conway is getting death threats and according to ABC News, she is not taking them lying down.

Per ABC News, Conway said:

“Anytime I respond, anytime I defend myself against these … allegations that are now leading to death threats … I’m seen as ungracious,” Conway said during an interview Thursday on MSNBC with Chris Matthews, referring, in part, to claims that the Trump campaign gave a platform to white nationalists. “Why are we sore winners? I’m not a sore winner. I’m a winner. My guy is a winner. He’s the next president of the United States.”

No one is surprised the “party of peace” has turned so quickly to death threats, especially when you see the gross responses this story received on Twitter:

So compassionate and caring.

Always so classy, right?

And these people wonder why they lost.

I’m sure this yahoo would be all up in arms if Hillary was getting death threats, but since Kellyanne is a Republican she has to “deal with it.”

What? She should blame herself for death threats?

Nice. These people are a hot mess and the saddest (or most hilarious) thing about all of this is their own behavior cost them this election and if they continue will cost them the next.

For being the supposed party of peace and tolerance they sure aren’t very peaceful or tolerant.