It’s painfully obvious that for all of Michael Moore’s blustering and blubbering about the country, he remains clueless of the fact that America is not a Democracy. In a Republic (which America IS) the minority is protected from mob rule, which is exactly what Moore is calling for in the name of Hillary and her meaningless and irrelevant “popular vote” lead:

What a sad man. He didn’t get his way so he calls for disruption and disrespect for Trump who won the election fair and square.

We thought the Left was all about that whole fair thing?

They only care about themselves and what they want because they think they know best. If you disagree you’re part of the problem as far as they’re concerned. Arrogance and smug elitism thrives on the Left.

In part that’s why Trump won.

But they care about the poor … they said so. *eye roll*

And then to top off Moore’s call for disruption, he got all tough with Trump about “speaking to him” on the Seth Meyers show. Yeah, we laughed too.

You’d think Moore would at least try and spell Seths’ last name correctly … silly Socialist.

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