Remember when Jill Stein raised a bunch of money for her crazy idea of recounts in three states? She raised more for the recount effort than she did for her ENTIRE campaign, but even with the monies raised, sounds like taxpayers will foot the bill for HER recounts.

Even though the majority of taxpayers didn’t ask for her nonsense.

This popular Trump account called her out:

This account knows how Socialists like Jill Stein “work,” they don’t want to spend their own money, they want to spend the other guy’s money because that’s more fair or something.

Forget that her entire recount argument is horse pucky.

So where was she back in 2012? 2008? Is there only cheating involved when a Republican wins? Inquiring minds wanna know, Jill.

Oh yeah, and also like Socialists, Stein doesn’t exactly “math too good.”

And yet 61 million people say the want Trump to be president. Let’s see … which number is bigger, Jill? C’mon, this isn’t difficult.

HAHAHAHA. She means their gullibility to hand her millions of dollars for a recount that won’t change a thing is what she cares about. And oddly enough, the taxpayers who don’t care about it and who may actually disagree with her efforts get stuck with the bill.

Remember, if it walks like a fraud and quacks like a fraud …

Editor’s note: We corrected the account listed in this article, apologies for the confusion and thanks!