Liberal political operative and all-around douchebag David Brock has formed a super PAC called American Bridge which is aimed at making Trump’s life miserable as he enters the White House.

Oh yeah, and Brock just so happens to be besties with Hillary, think there are some sour grapes here?

Sounds like Brock may indeed want his own Breitbart

Per The Hill:

Brock claims to have the largest archive of Trump opposition research in the Democratic Party, including thousands of hours of footage that operatives are mining for damaging material.

“The Trump administration is shaping up to be one of the most corrupt since the Gilded Age,” Brock said. “American Bridge will use everything at its disposal to hold it accountable.”

Brock has even built his own “rapid response team” that will fact-check Trump in real time … can you IMAGINE the bellyaching from the Left if Hillary had won and one of Trump’s buddies built a super PAC just to make her life Hell?

Although he does have a fairly impressive bouffant …

Truth – isn’t the entire MSM already sort of doing this, Brock?

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