‘Tis the season for crazy, cat-hoarding, hairy-legged feminists to screech about the fairly well-known Christmas song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Luckily Affinity Magazine (which is written by millennials so take this with a grain of salt) seems to be the only one SO FAR claiming the song is about rape.

So far being key here folks.


C’mon, didn’t you get the memo? Anything people enjoy must be destroyed by the Left UNLESS they deem it appropriate.

Bingo. Calling something like a song “rape” takes away from those who have been victimized.

Twitter was having none of it …

If you’re unfamiliar with the song please climb out from under your rock and visit iTunes ASAP; basically it’s a song about a guy who wants a gal to stay and uses the weather as an excuse.

Dean Martin may have the best rendition of the song out there … just sayin’.