Recently it has come to light that Ivanka Trump has some interest in working on climate change while her father is president. Luckily heroes like Leo DiCaprio are reaching out to help her …

Ok, so writing that with a straight face was REALLY hard; GQ of course thinks DiCaprio is some sort of hero though for sending her a DVD – check out this whack headline.

The fact we check to see if something is a parody tells you so much about what the so-called media reports these days. Heroic, for giving Ivanka a DVD.

In that case there are all sorts of heroes out there gifting DVDs although if you think about it, this really is outdated technology. Surely someone like Leo has access to iTunes, right?


The jokes write themselves. Currently we are heroically laughing at this guy heroically drinking a cup of tea.

Because we’re all heroes.


Ratty is actually by definition the far-left, so this tweet is sorta redundant.


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