Clinton campaign manager, Robby Mook, has all sorts of excuses for why Hillary lost the election. Sadly he never really gets to the point that Hillary was just not a great candidate … no no, it was other things that cost her the election.

Like that mean ol’ story about her emails which Robby thinks was way over-hyped because ya’ know, national security isn’t important.

Perhaps since he’s a Democrat he doesn’t understand why Americans might be troubled with a candidate who would lie about an email server in her bathroom and then delete a bunch of confidential emails but hey, what do we know.

OH PLEASE stop the gender whining … please please please. Hillary’s poor showing had zilch to do with her having a vagina and everything to do with her being a lying, conniving, corrupt candidate (say that five times fast).

Ya’ think? Gosh, insulting what could have been roughly a quarter of the voting population was probably not the brightest thing she could have done.

Of course nothing in her campaign was all that bright, including Mook, but we digress.