Democrats are losing their minds … and it’s a glorious thing to behold.

On the day of Trump’s first rally since winning the election, Erin Burnett of CNN held a panel to discuss Trump, because what else are they going to talk about. Included on that panel were conservative commentator, Ben Ferguson and loudmouth, Leftist commentator and New York Times columnist, Charles Blow.

Yes, his last name is Blow … we’re not making that up.

Blow called Trump a “pathological liar” and ranted at Ferguson, “Everything you say reeks of fraudulence.”

Ferguson replied, “The majority of the people who voted for Donald Trump did not think he’s a pathological liar. And every time you do that, supporters are just going to relish in the fact that you cannot accept the fact or even give this man a chance.”

In other words, every time the Left talks down to Americans who voted for Trump they’re going to double down and keep supporting him.

We found this tidbit in an article Donna Brazile retweeted, because clearly she agrees with Blow …

Which means the Democrats have learned NOTHING.

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