Pretty sure most of America knew that day what the motive was in San Bernardino, silly Leftist media, but please … tell us another one.

Surely the media will find a way to blame us for 9/11, right? Oh wait, they did …

As long as they keep lying the way the Left wants them to, all’s well in their happy little narrative.

Luckily some members of the new media weren’t having any of that … like Caleb Howe.

Mic, f’ing, drop. Simple, honest and true. They do know.

And we know. And they know we know they know … or something.

And AJ+ and other Leftist outlets know it too … they just can’t bear to say it out loud.

Many are busy blaming a Christmas party but c’mon, it wasn’t people having a party that caused this attack, it was Islamic terror.

And again, we know it.

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