Per the Conservative Review, full audio of the Harvard Institute of Politics forum is available online.

It’s worth listening to the two and a half hours of chitter chatter (yes, it’s a long time) because the Hillary strategists trying to explain how she lost is absolutely laughable.

It’s hilarious. In a sad, point and laugh at them sort of way.


Some highlights:

From Hillary campaign:

  • ‘People don’t like the media, and that’s ok.’
  • ‘We’ve gone through a bunch of discussion about gender.’
  • ‘Do you think the Comey letter caused her to lose?’

From the Trump campaign:

  • ‘Facebook and Twitter helped us win.’
  • ‘Trump was already in the lead before the Comey letter.’
  • ‘I knew the Friday before the election that we were going to win.’

Fact. They are so desperate to find something other to blame than Hillary herself, but listening to them complain, bitch and moan you can absolutely tell why Trump won.

And why no matter how many recounts they ask for, why Hillary lost.