We’d be lying if we said we weren’t enjoying watching Trump rub a little salt in Hillary supporters’ wounds … and he’s not wrong, it was a lot of fun fighting Hillary.

Sadly it doesn’t look like she will be locked up, but we all know how triggered the Left gets when we say those three magic words so carry on. Heh.

Look, this poor guy who was on some sci-fi tv show was so offended by Trump’s statement he dropped an f-bomb! Gasp!

You know what’s REALLY f’ing despicable? Talking smack about Trump implying an election could be rigged and then calling for a bunch of recounts because you think it’s rigged. But we digress.

Looking at the feed from this tweet you can tell Trump’s honesty bothered more than just Wil:

You know she was probably eating kale when she tweeted this.

Oh, then she knows how Republicans have felt for the last eight years.

It’s like they’re talking about Obama and they don’t even realize it.