Ben Shapiro is spot on with his take on Democrats and their “pet project” otherwise known as “illegal immigration reform,” or amnesty as Barack Obama likes to call it. Ahem.

Democrats don’t really want to help illegal immigrants, otherwise how would they keep using them for elections? It’s sort of like the impoverished in general, if we suddenly found a magical way to bring every American out of poverty whatever would the Democrats have to complain about and campaign on? They need illegals to stay illegal and the poor to stay poor, otherwise they got nothin’.

True. But they need these other “groups” to build their narrative around.

Of course they didn’t. No one ever accused Democrats of actually getting anything done – take for example Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Could she really run on any accomplishment? No. It was all a bunch of talking points and feel-good rhetoric that in the grand scheme of things solves nothing.

And that’s exactly how the Democrats like it.