Like other pouty Hollywood types, Mark Ruffalo can’t seem to quite come to grips with the election results. If you take a moment to peruse his TL you will see all sorts of articles and nonsense about evil Donald Trump … except if you click and read some of the articles it’s evident Ruffalo didn’t actually read past the headline.

For example:

AH-HA! So if you’re a Hillary supporter you read that headline (combined with Ruffalo’s tweet) and think, “I KNEW IT! NO WAY TRUMP WON! HACKERS!” But we’d encourage you to actually read the story …

While it’s true there were attempts on some systems, said attempts were more about stealing voter information versus changing voting results:


In fact if anything these hacks prove the election likely WASN’T rigged but hey, knock yourself out, Lefties.

Oh yeah, and that tidbit. Trump won Arizona, Hulky poo.