The reality of the Electoral College seems to conveniently confuse Democrats during any year they don’t win a national election. When W. beat Al Gore they whined and complained about it then and now that Trump beat Hillary they’re complaining about it now. It’s not that their candidate failed to convince the country, no no, it’s that we should let states like New York and California determine our elections or something.

And of course they suddenly care about Hamilton’s take on the EC (stopping an unfit candidates from serving) even though they were more than happy to allow a crazy man to run the country for the last eight years.

See, here’s the thing, Mark – can we call you Mark? The Electoral College DID pick Hillary in the states where she won. Fortunately for sane America she only won a handful, and based on these results Trump won the election. That’s how it works. The Electoral College was created to keep bigger states from running the country, in essence leveling the playing field.

Oh look, Michael Moore doesn’t understand the electoral college or the Constitution. In other news, water is still wet.

Ouch. Fair point. Perhaps if the DNC hadn’t been caught cheating Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, turnout would have been better for the Democrats? Maybe.

And besides, what was it that Obama said about elections?

Oh yeah, that.