The Left has been in a perpetual tizzy since Hillary lost the election over two weeks ago, protesting and throwing epic temper tantrums wherever they can find a “safe space”. Kat Timpf attended a topless Donald Trump protest in New York City … yeah, we don’t get it either but hey, show your boobs if you dislike the president-elect seems to be a theme there.

Chick with a nipple ring grabs her mic and starts screaming that Jesus had sex with men … and these morons wonder why they lost.


Yeah, it’s been pretty evident that Trump is no fan of boobies.


NO NO NO NO. Don’t even JOKE about that, evil person. If Hillary had shown some boob many of us would still be vomiting and partially blind.

She actually lost her credibility when she thought being topless somehow would influence others to go against Trump.

Here a boob, there a boob, everywhere a boob boob.

Right? We should put that in a Christmas card.

Yeah, we can’t even.

Check please.

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