Guess people would rather not have their donations go to pay for Chelsea’s wedding …

Or maybe they figured out the “pay-to-play” thing is basically game over.

Either way, donations to the Clinton Foundation are WAY down.

Whoa. 37%. Way to go, Hillary.

When it comes out that your foundation only donates a teensy tiny portion to actually help people, collecting money can become rather challenging.

Transparency is a fickle bitch.


PLEASE do not give the Clinton’s any ideas, although we would not put it past them to create their own GoFundMe page.

Yup. Why pay for play when the group you’re paying for said play doesn’t really have the influence and power you thought they would? Oh wait, charity and stuff … yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Donations also dropped when people realized the corruption within the Clinton Foundation. Just a guess.

Give it time.