Because we all know using a bunch of capital letters on social media makes such a good, reasoned and rational argument.

Rosie seems to think if she yells, tantrums and complains long and loudly enough that Hillary Clinton will somehow magically become our president.

Doesn’t quite work that way though.

Oh, and using a bunch of exclamation points and other odd characters makes you look absolutely reasonable and sane.


The caps lock key on her keyboard must be stuck.

Oh look, she went TOTAL CAPS LOCK and even threw in an f-bomb, so powerful. *eye roll*

When will the Left figure out that screeching and screaming at people doesn’t make a difference? That Americans are tired of being lectured and treated like they are “ignorant” and less than?

When will Hollywood shut up?

Better yet, when will the celebrities who promised to move out of the country if Trump won follow up on their promise and vacate?

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