Would someone please remind Hanna of who Obama’s first three picks were back in 2008? She seems awfully concerned about the skin color of Trump’s picks …

OH YEAH. That’s right. Obama’s first picks were white dudes but did you see the media melting down over that? No. Obama was their Liberal Messiah, sent to us from some sort of Democrat Heaven … wait, we can’t call it Heaven because most of these people are atheists so let’s call it Unicorn Land.

That works.

Wait, you mean he offered a position to a black guy?! GET OUTTA TOWN. He’s a racist and stuff.

Oh the Left and their silly, sad narrative.

Forgot that too! And how about the Democrats running in 2016 – just a bunch of old rich white people. Think about the Republicans who ran: men, women, multiple ethnicities … but yeah, the Republicans are the racists.


Bingo. They don’t know what to do – they’ve lost the battle they thought they were winning and are so used to crying racism they don’t know what else to do.


And yes, if Trump actually had appointed a minority the Left would be assaulting his or her character and calling them a token.

The media would be better off just admitting no matter WHO Trump appoints to his Cabinet they’re not gonna be happy about it.

Meanwhile the rest of us can sit back and laugh.