Earlier this week, Twitter announced they would be doing an ‘alt-right’ purge, in essence removing thousands of so-called extreme accounts from the right. The reaction has been mixed, some relieved this element would no longer be on Twitter and some concerned that a company banning a person based on affiliation rather than behavior was problematic.

James Woods falls into the latter category, and has decided to leave Twitter:

Woods has had a fairly successful run as a politically active member of Hollywood on Twitter, with 483k followers. Unlike many of his famous counterparts though, he has been outspoken against the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton during the election and has a more conservative slant to his tweets.

Seems Twitter believes only people of a certain political persuasion say and tweet horrible things, you don’t see them going after the Left or Leftist groups based on affiliation.

Can you IMAGINE the outrage if Twitter decided to ban all accounts associated with Black Lives Matter? Or the SJW’s? Endless screeching and fist-shaking, but since this is a group supposedly linked to the right, eh.

Not the smartest way to run a business, Jack. #JustSayin’