Oh boy, the truth really doesn’t seem to be on the Left’s side these days.

Honestly, was it ever?

Many may have forgotten this tidbit, but Obama had fewer votes than Hillary and somehow still managed to win the nomination during the 2008 primary. Why oh why would that be the case?

Oh YEAH, super delegates.

Interestingly enough they pulled this same garbage on Bernie Sanders this year, super delegates going to Hillary even though it was obvious many people on the Left supported Bernie. Perhaps these same super-delegates felt bad and thought it was “her turn.”

Ha! Her turn.

Guess again.

Unless the Democrats’ team won, and then they’d be ALL ABOUT the number of points versus yards. Their outrage is always always always convenient.

That’s what we should call it from now on, selective indignation. Wonder if Obamacare covers that? Wait, that won’t matter in a couple of months.


Slate, so adorbs. And still one of the best examples of the shameless hypocrisy of the Left.

Selective indignation, that’s it!

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