If someone you don’t like winning the presidency is the worst thing that has ever happened in your life, what an entitled, privileged and amazingly lucky person you are.


Get this man a tissue or at least a giant cup of man-up juice. What the heck?

Yeah, maybe he missed that whole terrorist attack on American soil that killed 3000 innocent Americans.

Democrats (shakes head).

Psh, it should embarrass him NOW.

You didn’t see Republicans crying after Obama, you saw them angry and wanting change but nothing like the amazing and pathetic whine-fest we’ve seen from the Left since Tuesday. Add in a bunch of riots and they’ve just become a ridiculous mockery of themselves.

Details details. And don’t interrupt him, he’s snowflaking.

Seems two can play at that game.

Ok, it might be a bumpy four-eight years for Chait, but c’mon, worst thing to ever happen? He needs to look around the world a little bit, he needs a dose of perspective.

He needs to get over it.