Now now Michelle, we can’t expect Obama, Michelle O. or the media to call out the behavior of the Left, the very behavior THEY empowered, advocated for and all but created.

Their #ClimateOfHate.

Maybe. It does get cold in January but come April/May we’ll see more of it. We’ll see this nonsense for at least the next year which proves Democrats would rather riot than vote.

Children have been running this country for the last eight years and you know how some children react when they don’t get what they want anymore. They temper tantrum … or riot in this case.

This is nothing new.

Bingo! Nothing says Obama like a bunch of privileged, spoiled, self-hating Leftists whose testicles haven’t dropped (both men and women thanks) breaking a lot of windows, setting fires and throwing rocks at cops.


Anarchists, not so much. Socialists absolutely.

Of course they never really cared, it was all about their agenda. For example, the only deaths they ever really cared about were the ones they could use to push gun control. Point out the MILLIONS killed say by abortion and … crickets.

Which is what Michelle will hear now … crickets.