The morning after her candidate had her proverbial butt handed to her, Donna Brazile tweeted a few things about thanking her staff and of course, this little “inspirational” nugget about healing.

Super sweet, right?

Reading the responses to her suggestion of healing, it’s very clear the Democrats are angrier with her than the Republicans have ever been. Especially Bernie supporters.


Yeah, Democrats really screwed themselves over this election by deliberately hijacking their own process to put up perhaps the most corrupt, unliked, and unpopular candidate … ever.

Let’s face, Donald Trump isn’t exactly a popular guy, and many people took issue with him, and she still couldn’t beat him.

Double ouch. Wasn’t it the Republican party that was supposedly all divided and on the verge of some civil war or something.


BAM. She cheated the Democrats out of a candidate that might have won … hard to blame them for being angry with her.

Sounds like trouble in paradise.

Seeing a theme here, Donna. Maybe get that resume ready … you  might want to leave off CNN though since they fired you.

See. ^

Interestingly enough, right before Donna started blathering on about healing, she shared this on her timeline.

Nothing says healing like insulting people for voting for the winner of an election. Perhaps Donna doesn’t understand what it really means to heal?