As any husband would be, Bill Clinton is likely down in the dumps or pretty angry over his wife’s loss last night. If you think about it, a lot of time and effort went into her campaign, time he could have spent doing other things.

Or he’s just mad …

Bummer! You know that was part of the deal, campaign for her and MAYBE she’d let him “run” the interns.

Err … the intern program.

*snicker* We did too. Wink wink, nudge nudge, know what we mean?

He campaigned very hard for her. *more snickering*

Okay, we’re children, we denounce ourselves.

HA! Ba dum bum.

Sad face. Look at that, no interns. Poor Bubba.

You know, this may be true. Unless of course you really think Bill wanted the intern program … Trump did say Bill was his favorite president and rumor is they’re fairly good friends.

Hilarious. Although Hillary would definitely not be amused.

Makes you wonder, now that she’s run twice and lost twice does she need her convenient president husband anymore.

Time will tell.