Would someone please check to see if Hell froze over? It is a tad cooler than usual, plus Hillary Clinton said something positive about Donald Trump in her concession speech.

Has she seen the amount of melting down on social media? We could refer her to any number of Hollywood crazies like Rosie, Michael Moore and Perez Hilton.

Clearly the Left is not ready to have an open mind, in fact, their minds seem more closed than ever before (which is pretty damn closed).

All that being said, it was honestly the most human she has appeared throughout this entire process.

It’s as if Hillary thought being a female candidate that looking vulnerable was a bad thing when really it may have made her seem less robotic. It could have actually helped her because even we could sit through and listen to her today without throwing up.

And that’s rare.

It was deeply personal, and shockingly supportive of Donald Trump.

Maybe there is hope for this country yet?


If only both of these candidates had given these types of speeches months ago, the election might not have been the awful, soul-sucking experience it was.