Hillary is unbearable when she’s not in front of a crowd of her peers, put in her front of a bunch of Democrats and her adoring media at the #AlSmithDinner and she’s well … a witch.

She better hope no one has a pail of water nearby.

Seriously, this is obnoxious. Getting lectured by one of the most evil women in HISTORY about finding ways to disagree while remaining decent? She wouldn’t know decent if it fell out of the sky, landed on her pruny face and started to wiggle.


Sounds like her husband has touched lots of lives, but we digress.

She’s just horrible folks. When Trump called her a nasty woman it was probably not the brightest thing he could have said, but he was honest. None of her words ring true and behind her eyes she just looks angry.

Let’s not forget how absolutely horrid someone has to be to stand over the coffins of fallen Americans and lie to their families’ faces about their deaths.

And somehow this idea of a woman being nasty and horrible is a good thing, according to Democrats.

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