The media has been more than happy to report on the divisions within the GOP and the struggles Donald Trump has been facing within his own party. Nothing pleases the blood-thirsty, smug, soul-swallowing media like picking on any and all Republicans. So for Hillary to post this map, and make a statement about how important it is that Democrats NOT stay home … is she admitting there is trouble in Unicorn Lefty Paradise?

Remember when Michelle Obama disliked Hillary and everything she said was wrong? Good times.

Of course if you go to her site and read the ridiculous post (we suggest you not bother) she goes on some tirade about how evil Trump is, blah blah blah, the country will die, blah blah blah, men are evil, blah blah blah, rich white people are bad unless they’re your nominee, blah blah blah – you get the gist.

It’s really just another way to scare Democrats into voting for their horrible and scary candidate. Perhaps they are worried about third party candidates as well, especially Stein and Johnson.

They should be.

She certainly does seem a bit unsure here.


WOOT! Get out and vote people, and hey, Hillary wants you to vote too … even if it’s against her.


Oh granny, these threads always seem to go this way. You say something about voting for you and then people refuse, or you say something mean about Trump and people point out you’re just as mean.

Maybe Twitter isn’t your thing?

See, the Democrats have to deal with the Green Party and what the media is failing to report is that Jill, albeit completely insane, is making leeway with her campaign.

Bam. Boom and boomity. There ya’ have it, the main talking point for all Democrats. Free stuff.

Hey, you lied about your email! Free stuff.

Hey, you left Americans to die! Free stuff.

Hey, you’re an evil, lying, corrupt, hyena! Free stuff