As Twitchy reported earlier, WikiLeaks dropped batch nine of Podesta’s emails on Sunday morning. One particular email proves how absolutely terrified Team Hillary was of Ted Cruz (who at the time was the only Republican nominee). If you read this email between a group of Team Clinton harpies (including Director of Communications, Jennifer Palmieri and Foreign Policy Analyst, Jake Sullivan) you’ll see her email scandal was in high gear and Cruz had announced he was running on a day she was to address it.

Clearly the team was not worried about appeasing Republicans (or Canadians), so they began talking about how they could use the useful media to push the narrative that the emails were all private.

They must really think their base is stupid.


Handling Twitter and what people are concerned about is “easier to manage,” what does that mean exactly? And hey, Ted announcing that day was a good way to deflect from their own crap show. Sure


Is this bit from Jake Sullivan all but admitting they KNEW the emails weren’t just private? You mean they were lying about yoga? Gosh, we’re so shocked.

Uh huh


The group goes on to discuss how they can use Congress to cast doubts on these “selective leaks” and Palmieri even brags about how she has experience working with Cummings and Schiff on doing just that.

So basically Team Hillary was working with elected Democrats to fool their own base and help Hillary become the nominee.

Democrats, if these emails are real, Hillary and her team clearly think you’re all stupid and easy to control.

Just sayin’.