Planned Parenthood has been around for 100 years and in the way only Democrats can, they have been celebrating the baby-killing-organization on Twitter with a hashtag called #100YearsStrong.

Because you know, killing the unborn for 100 years makes you strong.

President Obama got into the hashtag mix with this tweet:

As most pro-aborts do, they forget women have already made choices in determining their own lives. Pretending that making a mistake and then having the ability to kill an unborn child out of convenience is somehow strong? No, strong women take responsibility for their actions and are still able to determine their own lives without having to take the life of an innocent.

Oh but in the mind of this man it is. Remember when he said he didn’t want his daughters saddled with an unwanted pregnancy? Instead of championing parents and young women to make good decisions he championed killing out of convenience.

No he won’t because he’s not programmed to – being pro-abortion is the Democrat way and he’s not changing that any time soon.