Yesterday, Michelle Obama gave what some are calling a very powerful speech supporting Hillary Clinton and calling out Donald Trump for his alleged sexual misconduct over the years. Even some Republicans were applauding the First Lady … and then Barack went out there and reminded all Republicans just how much the Obamas hate them.

His speech in part:

The swamp of crazy? Wow. Because you know, nothing inspires people who have been voting for Republicans who might be considering voting differently this year like being called crazy. It almost negates any and all bad things Trump may have said, Obama made it abundantly clear the Republicans in general are bad people and responsible for all bad things

So in essence he motivated perhaps thousands of undecided voters to vote AGAINST Hillary because why on Earth would any of them vote for a party that thinks they’re crazy?

Way to go, Barack. Trump owes you lunch.

Hillary is smarter than Obama (sorry, it’s true). She understood that she would be alienating people within the GOP who might not like Trump, who MIGHT consider voting for her so better to separate a movement than blame the entire party. Duh, Obama.

Democrats are awful.

Perhaps he should rip himself for creating such a divided country in the first place. The Trump phenomenon was not built out of the GOP but out of a faction of this country so SICK of Obama they embraced anyone willing to fight against him. If anyone is to “blame” for the swamp of crazy it’s Obama himself.

Hrm, what was that whole thing about when they go low we go high?