Michelle Obama made what some are calling a powerful speech today about Donald Trump and the allegations that he sexually harassed and/or assaulted different women over the years. As if on cue, many on the Left totally fangirled (and fanboyed), praising the first lady and thanking her for standing by and supporting Hillary Clinton.

Well sorta.

Touré praised Michelle, but then took it a step further even.

Whoa. Did Touré just suggest they should have nominated Michelle over Hillary?

Queen Clinton ain’t gonna like that, not one bit.

The replies to this tweet wouldn’t exactly qualify for Hallmark greeting cards.

And even more of the replies would upset her majesty, Hillary.

Note: Hillary is barely leading and is even losing in some polls.

Gosh, has anyone even tried to convince us that Hillary is qualified? It’s like they know better.

You gotta wonder if he even realized he was slamming his own party’s candidate. Sure, he’d say he meant next time as in the next election BUT it almost comes across as a “do-over” statement.

As in the Democrats need a do over.