According to a report from People, NBC originally planned to edit Billy Bush out of the Trump footage before releasing it.

Now why would they do that?

That seems odd, does it not?

From the article:

“They could have released the tape and edited him out,” the source says of the individual that leaked the footage. “That was the plan — they were trying to approve it and then someone leaked it.  That’s what Access Hollywood eventually did and they played it … but it was already out,” the source says and adds, “If they wanted to protect him, they could have edited it out which they did on the final Access piece that aired on Friday, but they left it in when it was leaked.”

Yes, NBC had these tapes for YEARS and did nothing about his alleged behavior. In fact they proceeded to pay him a great deal of money knowing all the while that Trump had said these things. Who’s guiltier here?

Now now now, NBC doesn’t want to accept any real blame here and that would be admitting they let these guys slide.

NBC is as dirty as the rest of them. Of course we are talking about the Leftist media so that goes without saying.

And a totally fair point.