Sure, what Trump said in 2005 was horrible, but why is it that NBC is just NOW taking issue with his comments? Eleven years later? You’d think the moment they heard such inappropriate musings from their reality TV star that they’d have dealt with it then and there. Instead they allowed him to continue and fostered what many would call the rape culture.

Even his producer from seasons one and two admits this wasn’t the worst that Trump said …

And yet they didn’t fire him.

Hrm. This is odd, why would Bill and others at NBC have allowed Trump to continue in this capacity?

For being such a supposedly horrible person, NBC sure paid him a lot clearly knowing he had said these things. Gosh, why would they have let it continue?

BINGO. They fostered it, they protected him and now these tapes are released and they are suddenly outraged?


They knew.

When he was making them money it was ok, but now that he’s running for president they come out against him? Convenient? Unethical? You betcha.

Decades, and NBC apparently did NOTHING.

Good question.

Of course not, it’s far easier (and more fun for the Left) to point fingers at Trump and pretend the Republican party is somehow responsible. When in reality the Leftist media itself possibly fueled, empowered and enabled this behavior from Trump themselves.

They created a monster.