The latest jobs report came out today and the results were less than stellar …

Ya’ don’t say?

Mic. Flippin’. Drop.

Huzzah Monica.

38% of Americans are not in the work force … and this was unexpected.

Oh boy.

The data comes from this factory in Belize where unicorns and leprechauns work tirelessly to come up with magical numbers that will somehow make Obama’s legacy look less like the dung heap we know it to be.

And sprinkling fairy dust on it, don’t forget the fairy dust, man.

Fair point. The numbers will likely look better after the fourth quarter because of holiday temporary hiring, so don’t be surprised if the numbers go up and then Obama takes credit for job creation. They’ll ignore the crash after the first quarter though.

Thanks, Obama.

Sadly this is also true. So many Americans have just given up looking for work, and they no longer count.

Obama’s legacy, y’all.

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