Hey boys and girls, I’m Tim Kaine, your friendly zombie clown …

And I’m here to snack on your face.

THIS is even scarier. Yikes!

There is more than just something wrong, there are lots and lots and lots of somethings wrong with Kaine. Creepy factor is HIGH.

We’re reminded of the episode where all of the normal people look like pigs and the woman with the normal face is the ugly one? Yeah, that one.

The horses do look scared in the reflection. And you know what they say, animals are the first to sense evil …

Truth. Although give Twitter time, they may find a way to help Kaine out and give him the ability to interrupt people who disagree with him.

Like one of the creepy twins? “James, come play with us, James.”

THERE ya go, that’s Tim back in the far right. You can tell because he’s the only one wearing a white button down and it looks like his tie is all jacked up.

Ok, that’s enough.

We get it, Kaine is creepy! *nightmares*