It actually makes Trump an American taxpayer who used the code legally to his own benefit. But hey, go ahead with that whole “keeping your own money is stealing” crap.

Yeah, what Nick said.

If only she were funny … perhaps that’s why she tries to be relevant politically. It just comes off as foolish and whiny though, right?

Honestly she may NOT know this … she is a Democrat who once auctioned off a maxi pad. We’re not talking super knowledgeable here.

How dare people want to keep money they made?! THIEFS!

No no no, she’s talking about those other loopholes that the evil rich white men who hate abortion put in place … yeah, those are the ones.

Of course she has some accountant who helps her pay less in taxes every year, but when SHE does it it’s … umm … it’s for a good reason? Hrm. Nope, got nothin’.

Dude, thank God is right.