As Twitchy reported earlier, Bill Clinton had some not so nice things to say about Obamacare. Apparently what he said was not exactly well-received by the White House as they have already responded …

Clinton (the male one) basically called Obamacare a crazy system that is getting people killed.

Wow, this might be the first time the man has ever been quite this honest.

When asked about Clinton’s comments Earnest said, “We’ve actually seen a law that performed well in terms of expanding healthcare coverage and providing Americans the type of consumer protections.” He continued, “The president is proud of that … and that is not something that can be refuted.”

And yet Bill Clinton seems to have refuted it. Ouch.

They can’t seem to defend much of anything when it comes to Obamacare. And when the Clintons are willing to throw Obama under the Obamacare bus that’s not a good sign for the unpopular healthcare law.