Worried about who to vote for in November? NEVER FEAR! Iowahawk has the best suggestion yet …

See, Burge really IS with you. And why not, you’re you, and you should be proud of being you. Right?

Sounds fair. Do you want it to be a cartoon where you’re melting or some other more complimentary photo?

Hrm … wait, this brings up a good point though. Running for president is NO fun because someone, somewhere always hates you. So do you really want to vote for you?

This is officially getting complicated.

By choosing yourself you can put that knife down, youngster. Yay!

This is actually an even better idea. It’s been a long while since we actually had a president who understands politics, the Constitution and still has a sense of humor. We like it. #Iowahawk2016.

Sean, you really have. That one thing you did with that one person in that one town that one time? DUDE, epic.

WIN! And why not, she’d be just as good as Weld or Jill Stein’s guy, who we can never remember.

But is he running as Kylo or Ben? This will be an important factor for the Star Wars demographic – that and this can get tricky because some Star Wars people don’t like the new stories and prefer the traditional take.

Yes, we are dorks, carry on.

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