We have reported on Hillary trolling Trump over his late-night Twitter rant about Alicia Machado quite a bit this week, and that’s because the hits just keep on comin’. The woman who thinks she should be 50 points ahead is a treasure trove of mockable offenses, and this time Ben Shapiro popped her with a little reality:

Ben with an upper cut, POW. Hillary goes down.

Some would say if she wasn’t so “tired” her husband wouldn’t be #DickingBimbos BUT WE wouldn’t ever imply such a thing. No no, we’d just let someone else imply it and then write about it. Heh.

The kind of people who like to be on Twitter overnight and sleep through an attack on Americans – gosh, which is the more offensive offense?

Adding “her watch” to Ben’s original tweet made it even more impactful. She didn’t just go to sleep like other Americans, she had these people under HER WATCH and went right to sleep. Bad!

Hey! Get back into your basket of deplorables you evil oppressive male you!

But Hillary cares about women and stuff, she said so. Perhaps she should have clarified by saying she cares about women, just not the ones her husband sexually assaulted and 12 year olds who were raped when she was a defense attorney. That would make more sense and at least be more factually correct, true.

That’s the real reason, she only gives a damn when she needs to pander for votes. Otherwise she needs her beauty sleep … and lots of it.

And curtain.