Krugman can’t be serious.

Of course he could be serious and just really wrong.

So the MEDIA, you know, the media that loves Hillary and flies around with her on her magical airplane, is to blame for her losing in the polls.

Hope someone is following along behind Krugman with a shovel …

Psh, that’s an oxymoron – honest reporting.

Of course not, silly head. It’s all about how the media is somehow against her now although clearly that’s never been the case unless said media is on Fox. So Krugman is sorta wrong and even dumb here.

RIGHT?! Oh the evil media hate Hillary but they hang out with her deliberately in an enclosed capsule up in the air and ask her stupid questions about her allergies. Or was it pneumonia? Hrm.

The dictator would actually be envious because our media does this out of LOVE, not because they’re scared they’ll get eaten alive by dogs.

Damn it’s good to be a Clinton.

Nope, it’s just the evil media.