They missed their deadline? No way.

In other news, water is still wet.

Oh wow, we’re still just so shocked the State Dept. missed their deadline.

OH NO. Surely that’s a big deal and the court will hold them accountable … ok, we’re just kidding but we had you going for a minute, right?

Ha. See, Guy got the joke.


Now there’s a phrase you don’t often see – Hillary taking full responsibility.

That THERE is funny.

Even back in February the federal judge who ordered this deadline was pissed …

With all due respect, we’re all pissed, your honor. You’re not unique in this situation, like you we’ve wanted these documents for months and months. Wonder if he’s even angrier now that they’ve missed the deadline?

And then again does it really matter?

Have we ever seen Hillary truly held accountable for ANYthing?