Editor’s note: A woman wrote this piece so if you want to start bellyaching about male oppression you are barking up the wrong proverbial tree. Thanks.

So guess what? According to feminists, just watching Hillary Clinton debate is “hard” for women because apparently we all have PTSD from when men spoke over us.

Can’t make this nonsense up.

WHAT?! A man speaking makes her nauseous? She needs to get out more, clearly. Oh and it sounds like she deleted this goofiness but not before the world saw it and decided to mock her.

Wonder if that causes PTSD in feminists too?

What an absolutely disrespect to people who truly do suffer from PTSD, our vets, parents who have had very ill children or lost a child, rape survivors – talk about an insensitive asinine tweet.

Oh and by the way, for crazy people saying only Trump interrupted Hillary:

But he’s a MAN so her interrupting him is ok according to crazy feminists.

Heh. And there’s that.

By a MAN no less.

And that’s third-wave feminism all wrapped up in with a bow. Their agenda feeds weakness by pretending society victimizes women thinking somehow that empowers us, but really all it does is make them seem like … well … insecure snowflakes.