She ain’t in no ways self-aware.


She says no living president has endorsed Trump like that’s a bad thing. Many people supporting Trump LIKE HIM because the establishment doesn’t. By her saying this she is giving “cred” to the notion that Trump is truly an outsider.

Which is what he wants.

Derp Hillary.

See? And gosh, Reagan is dead so the argument that past presidents who many people disagree with not endorsing Trump is a bad thing is stupid. Perhaps Hillary is just that nervous about the debate tonight and can’t think straight?

+1 for mentioning the Democrat’s favorite voting strategy.

Tried to warn you, Hillary but oh no … you had to try the “other presidents” nonsense. Sure, your little leftist base will applaud but you will only convince those on the fence they should support the guy the establishment doesn’t.

This is not difficult.

Well then again maybe it is for Hillary.

Ouch, and it was the Unicorn Flu. Oh wait, no no … pneumonia. That’s it.

No wonder indeed, she’s helping him.