During the debate, when the candidates were asked about how they will deal with race relations issues, Hillary used that opportunity to go off on her usual gun control agenda, even calling it a “gun epidemic.” And like most gun control harpies, she was way off with her information, her facts and her overall argument against guns.

Luckily the NRA and others were there to fact check Hillary because you know, she was really worried there wouldn’t be enough fact checking going on during the debate.

A plague. *eye roll* Democrats are SO dramatic.

We do not want the government putting anyone on a list that may take away their rights without due process.

Silly, she knows nothing of rights, how dare you bother her with such things.

Of course not, that would mean she has to admit there is an inherent problem with her party, you know, the one that has been in charge of cities like Chicago for decades.

So are you saying we have a hammer epidemic?